Chenega Secure Communications Adds Desktop Application to its Secure Mobile Communication Solution for the Enterprise

Chenega Secure Communications (CSC), the product in the Chenega CITADEL portfolio responsible for securing enterprise communications, has added secure desktop communications to its solution. CSCDesktop is an application that allows users to communicate privately between computers and mobile devices. This new addition to the product line expands the enterprise’s ability to communicate privately and facilitates the transfer of highly confidential images and documents.

CSCDesktop enables greater collaboration and efficiency by allowing remote users to securely access information and files from the office. It meets the privacy and compliance requirements for regulated industries like healthcare (HIPAA) and financial (FINRA); and provides the most up-to-date intelligence for legal and security services/law enforcement organizations. CSCDesktop is available today on computers running Mac OS X with a Windows-compatible version available next month

Chenega Secure Communications Adds Desktop Application