Integrated Surveillance Command Center ISC2



Chenega Apollo – powered by Sierra Nevada Corp.

Apollo – Integrated Surveillance Command Center (ISC2) aids security officers and personnel by providing a single integrated environment that aids in the decision making process in complex situations.


Real-Time and Activity Mobility, Mapping, Analytics



Chenega ArcAngel -powered by Patrocinium

The ArcAngel Suite is a real-time event management platform that integrates predictive analytics and leading edge visualization technologies to improve a situational awareness and provide a common operating platform to emergency management services. This solution provides government and commercial organizations with the ability to communicate with employees and the public during an emergency.


Time Machine for Breach Detect



Chenega Breach Detect Solution – powered by SS8

SS8 BreachDetect is a time machine for breach detection. It uses new methods of network visibility, learning and automation to accelerate and simplify the breach-hunting journey – past, present and future. SS8 applies today’s knowledge to history to find breaches now that you did not know about before.



Counter UAV Solutions



Chenega Counter UAV Solutions  – powered by Synergia

The rapid proliferation of micro and mini drones is a growing potential threat to national and commercial security. Easy and cheap to buy, simple to fly and hard to detect, drones are one of the most quickly evolving technological threats to military and civilian interests. CIC’s Counter-UAV solutions provide Protection-in-Depth using the strategies of: Detect; Track; Respond; and Defeat or Disrupt.


Enterprise Secure Communications



Chenega Secure Communications

Communicate freely, secure in the knowledge that your information will be confidential. All messages and voice calls are encrypted end-to-end, allowing you to connect in the confines of a completely secure network from anywhere in the world.



Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Based Surveillance Systems


Chenega Drone Aerial ServicesChenega Drone Aerial Services – powered by Synergia

Chenega International Consulting (CIC) aerial operations are provided with an emphasis on developing a close understanding of a client’s requirements, with equally strong focus on the safe conduct of drone missions. Flights are performed using advanced RPAS technologies and tested operational procedures for exceptional results that exceed expectations.



Biometric Identity Surveillance



Chenega Facial Recognition – powered by DSCG Solutions, Inc

Chenega International Consulting (CIC) is the world leader in human identification technology with the highest accuracy available to date through our revolutionary and proprietary True 3D technology. Our expertise in biometrics, security, government, technology, and retail have enabled us to solve the world’s most difficult identity problem: identifying individuals in motion. CIC has deployments worldwide for the world’s most demanding customers in the harshest environments and in the most highly secured areas.


Professional Qualification Training


Chenega Professional Qualification Training

Professional Training Program

Chenega International Consulting (CIC) will offer clients, students, and service professionals access to the portfolio of Chenega Professional Qualifications (CPQ) in partnership with recognized centres of learning. Through our partnership with Ulster University (UU) it is our intention to offer short courses that are internationally recognized, accredited, and endorsed.